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Johnny Depp may drag Angelina Jolie and other A-list women into his next court fight
DEC 12, 2020, By Martha Ross
Is Johnny Depp’s career kaput? Maybe, but don’t underestimate the devotion of his fans
Nov 27, 2020, By Maria Puente|USA TODAY
‘Cult’ mom case is expected to ‘get dirty’: Idaho prosecutor asks judge to try Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell’s cases TOGETHER as expert predicts they will turn on each other in court
Prosecutors want to try ‘Doomsday’ cult couple Chad Daybell, Lori Vallow together
September 3, 2020, By Rebecca Rosenberg
Lori Loughlin’s ‘absolutely complicit’ daughters should have been charged, legal expert says
Aug 20, 2020, MARTHA ROSS
Legal experts: prosecutors could drop kraft case
Aug 20, 2020, Travis Andersen
Is It OK to Hire Someone With a Racist Background?
FOX 13 Investigates: LDS Church urges leaders to not participate in ‘any type of court case’
Aug 12, 2020, Adam Herbets
When To Hire A Lawyer For An Insurance Claim
Aug 04, 2020, Adam Herbets
Monday Crime Stories: Gorgeous world-class poker star burnt body found, scene staged. WHY?
July 27, 2020, Crime Online Staff
Legal experts say Supreme Court ruling on Trump financial records will have far-reaching effect
July 9, 2020, Travis Andersen Globe Staff
Claim against LAPD alleges woman was injured by a rubber bullet fired near a protest
June 19, 2020, By CITY NEWS SERVICE
Calif. Mom Struck by Police Foam Bullet While Driving Near Protests Has Brain Injury: Lawsuit
June 19, 2020, By Steve Helling
$10 million claim filed by woman who says she was struck in face by LAPD rubber bullet
June 19, 2020, By Anabel Munoz
Mujer alega que oficial del LAPD disparó balas de goma contra su auto durante protesta
June 19, 2020, By CNS
This Has Dramatically Altered The Course Of Her Life’: LA Woman Driving Near Protests To Sue After Saying LAPD Foam Round Caused Brain Injury
June 19, 2020, By Yasmine Morales
Mom struck by rubber bullet near LA protests says she suffered brain injury
June 19, 2020, By Lee Brown
Woman Files $10 Million Excessive Force Claim Against City Of Los Angeles
June 17, 2020, CBS News
Woman driving near protests says LAPD foam round injured her, files $10-million claim
June 17, 2020, Richard Winton
June 04, 2020, By Tina Daunt Research by Jerome Dineen
May 22, 2020, By Toni Vranjes
May 21, 2020, By Jessica Castillo
May 15, 2020, By Christopher Elliott
May 12, 2020, By Sarah Guy
May 11, 2020, By MARTHA ROSS
April 28, 2020, By Johnni Macke
April 27, 2020, Terry Kaufman
April 9, 2020, Dorothy Atkins
April 3, 2020, Dorothy Atkins
April 3, 2020, Patricia Hurtado, Bloomberg
March 27, 2020, Dara Kerr
March 25, 2020, Meredith Nardino
March 13, 2020, Maria Puente USA TODAY
March 06, 2020, By The Associated Press
February 27, 2020, Mercury News
February 26, 2020, Yahoo Entertainment
February 25, 2020, She Knows
February 25, 2020, Yahoo! Entertainment
February 21, 2020, Yahoo! Lifestyle
February 21, 2020, Yahoo! Entertainment
February 21, 2020, US Magazine

As Harvey Weinstein’s Criminal Trial Winds Down, Has the Prosecution Made Its Case?
February 11, 2020, The Wrap

Inside Harvey Weinstein Trial Jury Selection and Why Neither Side Wanted Gigi Hadid
January 16, 2020, The Wrap

Bloomberg-LogoHarvey Weinstein’s Dream Jury is Conservative, Traditional, and Skeptical
January 14, 2020, Bloomberg

3e8943f0-03e8-11e9-bef7-34b9a9abd0f6How Harvey Weinstein’s LA Sexual Assault Charges Could Impact New York Trial
January 14, 2020, Yahoo Entertainment

How Many Years Could Lori Loughlin Actually Spend in Prison?
November 25, 2019, InStyle

Whether Lori Loughlin Goes To Prison For College Admission Scandal Depends On Jury Selection, Attorney Says
November 22, 2019, Newsweek

mercury_news_logoTough judge may undercut Lori Loughlin’s defense — saying she didn’t know she was paying bribes
November 19, 2019, The Mercury News

Child of woman who died of overdose in San Diego police custody files lawsuit against city
November 11, 2019, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Child of Woman Who Overdosed in Back of Police Car Sues City of San Diego
November 8, 2019, NBC News

Former Federal Prosecutor Says Lori Loughlin’s Daughters Could Be Charged in College Scandal
October 31, 2019, People

EXCLUSIVE: There May Be Evidence That Lori Loughlin’s Daughters ‘Acted to Advance’ Their Parents’ Crimes
October 31, 2019, SheKnows

Lori Loughlin’s daughters may face charges in college admissions scandal: former prosecutor
October 31, 2019, Fox News

mercury_news_logoU.S. v. Lori Loughlin: Most damaging evidence includes husband saying ‘I had to work the system,’ expert’s review says
October 25, 2018, The Mercury News

Lori Loughlin ‘is planning to ask Felicity Huffman what it’s like in prison’ in case she is also sentenced to jail over college admissions scandal
October 18, 2019, Daily Mail

mercury_news_logoLori Loughlin has reached out to Felicity Huffman, looking for prison tips, report says
October 18, 2019, The Mercury News

October 10, 2019, Radar Online

Kevin Spacey Spotted With Much-Younger Man In Paris After Sex Abuse Charges Dropped
October 1, 2019, Radar Online 

Victims of Las Vegas massacre – the deadliest US shooting – could get up to $800M from MGM
October 1, 2019, USA Today

mercury_news_logoCollege admissions scandal: Is prison likely for Bay Area parents?
September 30, 2019, The Mercury News

Not So Fast! Kevin Spacey Sex Abuse Lawsuit Can Continue Despite Accuser’s Death
September 23, 2019, Radar Online

Lori Loughlin ‘aware’ of Felicity Huffman sentence, regrets not taking plea deal: report
September 16, 2019, Fox News

Felicity Huffman Is ‘Grateful She Only’ Got 14 Days in Prison for College Admissions Scandal
September 16, 2019, US Magazine

mercury_news_logoWhy Felicity Huffman’s 14-day sentence is ‘bad news’ for Lori Loughlin
September 16, 2019, The Mercury News

Felicity Huffman’s 14-Day Sentencing in College Admissions Case Is ‘Unheard Of,’ Legal Expert Says
September 16, 2019, US Magazine

Jail Guard Takes Plea Deal For Sex Crimes With Inmates In Exchange For House Arrest, Probation
August 15, 2019, SFGate

VC Star USA Today LogoFamily of Ventura County jail inmate files wrongful death suit over his in custody death
August 12, 2019, VC Star

Why E-Scooters Have Been On A Bumpy Ride
August 9, 2019, The Globe and Mail

‘This guy has a gun and I’m about to die’: Fast-food chains are facing a looming active-shooter problem, with at least 3 deadly shootings in the last month alone
August 8, 2019, Business Insider

Lori Loughlin Gets Birthday Instagram Wishes from Both Daughters, and a New Court Date With Her Husband
July 31, 2019, Bravo

mercury_news_logoLori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli are committed to presenting a ‘united front’ at trial
July 25, 2019, The Mercury News

Lori Loughlin may be in denial again about prison and her possibly bleak future
July 22, 2019, East Bay Times

Acosta defends wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s plea deal, says Epstein would’ve had no jail time if his office had not intervened
July 11, 2019, The Washington Post

mercury_news_logoLori Loughlin missed ‘grand opportunity’ by not taking plea deal, expert says
July 8, 2019, Mercury News

Can You Be Fired for Joining A Walkout?
June 27, 2019, Glassdoor

Lori Loughlin’s Team Wants Access to FBI Reports on Uncharged USC Parents
June 5, 2019, US Magazine

Is this Lori Loughlin’s ‘Hail Mary’? Her lawyers want FBI files on other parents, report says
June 5, 2019, The Mercury News

Driver arrested, charged with manslaughter in death of disabled man in sweltering car
June 7, 2019, Los Angeles Times

The charity-not-bribes defense of Lori Loughlin, Bay Area parents is ‘weak,’ former federal prosecutor says
June 5, 2019, The Mercury News

Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli claim they didn’t know about bribery, experts weigh in on reported defense
April 29, 2019, Fox News

Case documents reveal details, allegations in Ventura County Jail inmate’s death
April 19, 2019, VC Star

Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade could be implicated in college admissions scam, legal analyst says
April 19, 2019, Fox News Channel

Why Lori Loughlin Had No Choice But to Plead Not Guilty in College Admissions Case
April 17, 2019, US Weekly Magazine

College scandal kids on the witness stand? Legal experts say Lori Loughlin, other indicted parents are playing with fire
April 11, 2019, NY Daily News

Prosecutors are putting the squeeze on Lori Loughlin and wealthy parents
April 11, 2019, CNN

Felicity Huffman, 12 other parents to plead guilty in college admissions scandal
April 9, 2019, The Washington Post

Michael Avenatti arrested, charged with trying to extort millions from Nike
March 25, 2019, The Boston Globe

Avenatti charged with trying to extort millions from Nike
March 25, 2019, The Greenwood Commonwealth

Wealthy parents in admissions scandal under intense pressure to make deals. Here’s why
March 20, 2019, California Times

College admissions scandal: Wealthy parents told to make deal or face more charges
March 19, 2019, California Times

The Mastermind. The Brains. The Coach. Meet the cooperating witnesses in the college admissions scam
March 13, 2019, CNN

March 7, 2019, The Argonaut

Lawsuit claims former Loyola Marymount dean fired aide to hide alleged misspending
March 6, 2019, California Times

Weigh The Risks Before Joining the “Pet Friendly” Trend
February 26, 2019, Kizer & Bender’s Retail Adventures

INSIGHT: Rental Scooter Lawsuits—Insurance Industry Is Missing a Golden Opportunity
November 29, 2018, Bloomberg Law

Bird, Lime See Scooter Crashes But No Suits—Yet
October 12, 2018, Bloomberg Law

Demanda por negligencia con persona discapacitada
October 11, 2018, Telemundo 52

October 11, 2018, ABC 7

ktla 5 newsMother of 51-Year-Old Intellectually Disabled Man Left in Hot Car in West Covina Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit
October 11, 2018, KTLA 5

Mother Suing Over Son’s Death In Hot Car
October 11, 2018, CBS 2 & KCAL 9

CBS Executive Vinnie Favale Placed On Leave Amid Allegations Of Sexual, Homophobic Language
October 4, 2018, Deadline

Marin Woman’s Lawsuit Claims Preacher Impregnated Her
August 17, 2018,

Woman Says Her French Bulldog Is Missing After Roommate Smuggled It From Their Downtown L.A. Apartment; Reward Offered
August 10, 2018, KTLA 5

Scooter startup Bird plans to fund protected bike lanes
August 2, 2018, Curbed

Former Deputy Charged With Having Sex With Inmates
May 9, 2018, CBS SF Bay Area

Jail Guard Pleads Not Guilty To Criminal Sex With Inmates
May 9, 2018, SFGATE

Ex-Contra Costa Deputy Pleads Not Guilty to Sex With Inmates
May 9, 2018, NBC Bay Area

Inmate’s attorneys say sex with Contra Contra County deputy was not consensual
April 11, 2018, KRON 4 NEWS

Exclusive: Internal sheriff records show deputy suspected of rape, not ‘consensual’ sex
April 10, 2018, East Bay Times

‘She was too frightened to resist’: Two Contra Costa inmates were raped by deputy, their attorney alleges
April 9, 2018, East Bay Times

Uber is more vulnerable than ever after its fatal self-driving car crash — but it could end up saving the company
March 26, 2018, Business Insider

Are driverless cars safe? Uber fatality raises questions
March 21, 2018, CNET

Self-driving cars could face a ‘huge setback’ after the tragic death of a woman struck by an autonomous Uber
March 19, 2018, Business Insider

ELD mandate should cut sleep-deprived-caused driver accidents
March 19, 2018,

Childproof Cannabis Packages Won’t Impress Jeff Sessions – Law 360
March 2, 2018, Law 360

Former Star Anabelle Acosta Sues Over Horrific Uber Car Crash – The Blast
January 5, 2018, Former Star Anabelle Acosta Sues Over Horrific Uber Car Crash – The Blast

Get real about security at marijuana dispensaries
December 28, 2017, Orange County Register

  Get real about security at marijuana dispensaries
December 27, 2017, California Daily News

Patsy’s Irish Pub in Laguna Niguel found not at fault in fatal 2015 stabbing
October 31, 2017, Orange County Register

 Johnny Manziel wins first court battle in property damage suit
October 27, 2017, Sporting News

Johnny Manziel wins one court battle in property damage case
October 26, 2017, USA Today

 Civil Trial in Death of Saddleback College Student Begins Today
October 17, 2017, EIN Presswire

 Las Vegas Gunman Fired on Guard and Crowd at About Same Time: MGM
October 12, 2017, Fortune

 MGM Says the Las Vegas Gunman Fired on Security Guard and the Crowd at About the Same Time
October 12, 2017, Fortune

 Johnny Manziel’s rental home damages lawsuit headed back to court
September 22, 2017, USA Today

From New Jack City to Breaking Bad: How the crystal meth epidemic has displaced crack-cocaine
November 8, 2016, Huffington Post

L.A. Ethics Commission OKs more than $47,000 in fines for lobbying violations
February 16, 2016, California Times

NY Daily News logoCalifornia family demands hate crime charge against known white supremacist accused of killing Iranian-American son
September 29, 2015, NY Daily News

RADAR Online logoWinning! Charlie Sheen Settles Sexual Assault Lawsuit Over ‘Rock Cocaine’ Claims & More
September 28, 2015, RADAR online

Family wants Iranian’s murder reclassified as hate crime
September 28, 2015, Yahoo News

NBC CaliforniaFamily of College Student Killed Outside OC Bar Seeks Hate Crime Investigation
September 28, 2015, NBC California

ABC 7 logoFamily of man fatally stabbed at OC pub pleading for case to be prosecuted as HATE crime
September 28, 2015, ABC7

Family of College Student Slain Outside Laguna Niguel Pub Calls for Hate Crime Investigation
September 28, 2015, KTLA

West Coast Employment Lawyers Continues to Expand by Adding Attorneys to their Team
March 10, 2015, PRWEB

West Coast Employment Lawyers Continues to Expand by Adding Another Impressive Attorney to Their Team
January 24, 2015, PRWEB

TMZ logoCarmen Electra — My Stylist Went on $100K Shopping Spree … For HERSELF!
November 24, 2014, TMZ

Star Magazine logoCarmen Electra – Carmen Electra Sues Ex-stylist Over Unauthorised Credit Card Use
November 24, 2014, STAR

Beyonce’s Designer Michael Costello Denies Alleged Instagram Racial Slur
October 27, 2014, Electronic Urban Report

Michael Costello Releases Updated Statement on Alleged Racial Slur, and Proof that the Instagram Image May Have Been Photoshopped
October 22, 2014, Necole Bitchie

Charlie Sheen Sued by Dental Technician for Allegedly Grabbing Her Bra
October 6, 2014, The Latino Post

Charlie Sheen Sued for Sexual Battery after Dental Visit October 4, 2014, ABC News Radio

E! Online logoCharlie Sheen Sued for Sexual Battery by Dental Technician Who Claims He Grabbed Her Breast, Threatened Staff During Exam
October 3, 2014, E! Online

ABC7 logoCharlie Sheen Sued for Alleged Violent Dental Office Attack
October 3, 2014, KABC

NY Daily News logoCharlie Sheen Accused of Sexual Assault by Dental Technician: Suit
October 3, 2014, NY Daily News

TMZ logoCharlie Sheen: Investigated for Pulling Knife on Dentist
October 2, 2014, TMZ

West Coast Employment Lawyers Adds Two Distinguished Associate Attorneys
August 8, 2014, PRWeb

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